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Acute CareAcute Care at Jersey Shore Hospital

Geisigner Jersey Shore Hospital is a rural healthcare facility committed to providing quality health services with an efficient balance of outpatient care, acute and sub-acute inpatient care, primary care and outreach services. The Acute Care Unit at Geisigner Jersey Shore Hospital is an inpatient care unit which currently holds 25 inpatient beds, 4 of which are designed for critical care patients.

While some of the inpatient beds are double occupancy, most are private rooms. All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom, large window, and personal television. The rooms are set up in a racetrack layout, with a centralized nursing station to help keep the lines of communication flowing. Additionally, all inpatient beds can also serve as swing beds. For more information on our Bridges Swing Beds, click here.

As one of only 13 critical access hospitals in the state, Geisigner Jersey Shore Hospital retains the community feel of personalized healthcare, but is coupled with the professional atmosphere and treatment capabilities of a larger facility. Patients at Geisigner Jersey Shore Hospital are the number one priority day in and day out.

Employees, staff and doctors made careers out of their professions at Geisigner Jersey Shore Hospital and hone the motto that advanced personalized healthcare is within reach, right here in Jersey Shore, PA.

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